Republicans Just Don’t Get It

Last night, Gov. Sarah Palin had a chance to introduce herself as a new kind of Republican that could appeal to all voters and really blow this race wide open.  She failed.  She failed miserably.  Her speech, which was written by Bush speechwriter Matthew Scully, was nothing more than a rambling and degrading attack on Barack Obama that provided little if no substance on the issues that matter most to voters.   There is certainlly nothing wrong with attacking your opponent on the issues and trying to persuade voters that your policies will be better than the other guy’s.  She did not do that.  Instead, she disgustingly maligned Obama for being a community organizer saying that “being a small town mayor is kind of like being a community organizer, only with actual responsibilities.”  To be honest, I’m not surprised by her remarks, considering that the only community organizing that probably goes on in Wasilla are caribou round-ups and mooseburger cook-offs.   Sarah Palin just doesn’t get it.  And neither do the Republicans.

The Republicans seem to think that they can simply rerun the 2004 election and just insert different names for the roles of President and Vice President.  They seem to think that Americans have short memories, and that the last 8 years will have no impact into how they vote this year.  They seem to think that its perfectly fine to falsely ridicule and belittle their Democratic opponent, but that its sexist and a media coup when its done to them.  They seem to think that they run on a platform of hypocrisy and expect that nobody will notice.  They seem to think that if they run Rudy Giuliani out there and have him say “9/11” and “Islamic terrorism” for 45 minutes that we will all be scared into voting for them.   They seem to think they can offer up an unheard of woman for the Vice Presidency whose ultra conservative positions would undo years of progress made by women, and that these very same women would blindly vote for them anyway simply because of her body parts.   They seem to think that Americans are just that stupid.

I saw some women on the floor of the convention who were previous Hillary supporters that claimed that they were going to vote for McCain because of Sarah Palin.  One of the women was asked why she was supporting McCain/Palin when Hillary’s positions are a complete opposite of Palin’s.  The woman said that she is not just a “one-issue” voter and that she felt that Palin was a great example for working moms and women everywhere.  Um, excuse me?   There is more than a one issue difference between Hillary and Palin.  Aside from abortion, Palin wanted to ban books she deemed not to be in-line with her ultra-Christian beliefs. She doesn’t believe in sex education.  She doesn’t believe in universal health care (not to mention the fact that she apparently cut funding in Alaska for care of special needs children – how ironic).  She doesn’t believe there is a climate issue (Somehow I will take Nobel peace prize wining Al Gore’s position over this “earth-is-flat” nutjob any day.)  She is the other half of a ticket whose candidate repeatedly voted against equal pay for women.  The list goes on.  How Democratic women and independents can vote for this charade is beyond me.

A recent polling of national voting registrations show that there are more registered Democrats than Republicans.  This means that in order for the Republicans to win, they will need to steal votes from Democrats and swing voters.  One would think that in order to do this, they would move a bit to the center.  Watching the convention this week, its apparent that they are actually moving MORE toward the right – which, again being an Obama supporter is fine with me because what they are doing is solidifying their base and showing disdain for the rest of us.  Republicans still operate in a 1950’s America where they think daddy knows best and mommy cooks dinner with a dress. Don’t think that the Palin nomination counters that.  She is simply a pawn meant to entice the other side.  She is being used by old crusty white men and she doesn’t even know it.  Look at the crowds at both of the conventions.  At the DNC convention you saw Americans of all different color and gender.  This week at the RNC, they should have had a game to see who could find the black guy first. 

43% of Americans think the economy is the top issue in this election.  Barack Obama has a 12 point lead on that issue.  You would think that the Republicans would try to focus on that issue this week with millions of people watching.  Instead they told old war stories and made up stories about Barack Obama.   They seem to think that the rest of America isn’t watching.   We are, and we are counting down the days till November 4th.

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