Since When Do Hockey Moms Shop at Saks Fifth Avenue?

I’m sure most interested voters are now aware that the RNC spent $150,000 on new clothes and accessories for Sarah Palin to wear on the campaign trail.  The self proclaimed “hockey mom” and “pitbull with lipstick” will be donning designer fashions purchased from high end retailers such as Neimann Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.  Now, on the surface, I don’t really care about Ms. Palin’s clothes.  What I find audacious is the continued hypocrisy that is the McCain/Palin campaign.

For someone who is running on a values campaign, touting her small town appeal, these purchases by the RNC sure seem to conflict that message.  As America faces a disastrous economic climate, and Republican Congressional candidates facing uphill battles against their Democratic foes, is this really the best use of the RNC’s money?

Now, I am not saying that Ms. Palin needs to go around wearing tattered army fatigues, or a wife beater, but $150,000 seems a bit excessive.  That’s almost as much as my 2,300 square foot house cost.   Throw in the $300,000 dress Cindy McCain wore at the Republican Convention and its just got to make the average Joe’s head spin.

This is a big part of why I believe McCain is going to get the crap beat out of him when all the votes are tallied on November 4th.  They have no message that resonates with the average American.  The recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that more Americans think Obama is better on the issue of taxes.   Think about that.  Besides McCain’s dirty attacks on Obama’s character, his other big issue is taxes, and his claim that Obama is a socialist for wanting to raise taxes and “spread the wealth around”.  The problem for McCain I think, is that Obama has done a very effective job at explaining that he will lower taxes for most Americans while raising them for the very wealthy.  If you’re a real Joe The Plumber, who makes around $40,000 a year, you will fare better under Obama’s tax plan.

Sarah Palin’s flashy wardrobe is really a metaphor for the entire McCain campaign – to distract voters from what’s really underneath.  In that a fore mentioned NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, 38% of respondents said that McCain’s choice of Palin was the biggest reason they were not going to vote for McCain.  That was cited even higher than McCain continuing Bush policies and questions about his judgement/temperment.

One would think, that with 12 days to go, the McCain campaign would have figured out by now that superficial gimmicks and baseless attacks aren’t working.    After the story broke about the $150,000 shopping spree, the RNC came out and said that the clothes would be donated to charity after the election.

Maybe she can sell them on eBay for a loss…just like some other things she’s put up for sale there.

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