My Questions for the Republicans

The only thing missing from last week’s Q&A session between President Obama and the House Republicans were the drop down ceiling microphones to capture all of the Republican grumblings a la  Great Britian’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

President Obama, with his trademark cool demeanor, and mastery of policy, made the House GOP look like a group of petulant children, whining because someone took their favorite toy away.

I found the president’s reply to Rep. Hensarling, especially delightful…

And what is true is that we came in already with a $1.3 trillion deficit before I had passed any law. What is true is, we came in with $8 trillion worth of debt over the next decade.

Had nothing to do with anything that we had done. It had to do with the fact that in 2000, when there was a budget surplus of $200 billion, you had a Republican administration and a Republican Congress, and we had two tax cuts that weren’t paid for, you had a prescription drug plan — the biggest entitlement plan, by the way, in several decades — that was passed, without it being paid for, you had two wars that were done through supplementals, and then you had $3 trillion projected because of the lost revenue of this recession.

That’s $8 trillion. Now, we increased it by $1 trillion because of the spending that we had to make on the stimulus.

I am happy to have any independent factchecker out there take a look at your presentation versus mine in terms of the accuracy of what I just said.

While the session was great theater and reaffirmed why Obama was elected, not all of my questions were answered.  So, I thought I’d take the opportunity to put forth my questions for the GOP.  Unlike the president, I doubt I will get a response from John Boehner, but nevertheless…

Question 1: Since the Republicans claim that they have better solutions for solving the health care crisis, why is it that when your party controlled Congress from 1994-2006, not a single health care reform bill ever made it onto the floor…even when your beloved President George W. Bush proposed giving $7,500 and $15,000 tax credits for buying medical coverage back in 2004…when you ran Congress?

Question 2: At what point will the Republicans realize that they are the MINORITY party and cannot and do not deserve to have a MAJORITY of their ideas formulated into legislation?

Question 3: Should the Republicans somehow regain control of Congress after the 2010 midterms, what will the official party excuse be when the Democrats turn the tables and say “NO” to everything your party proposes?

Question 4: When will Republicans pass 1st grade math and realize that “across the board” tax cuts means less revenue, which in turn means MORE deficit spending?

Question 5: When will Republicans tell people to stop looking foolish by wearing tea bags on their heads and wasting an otherwise fine beverage?

So, there you have it…any Republicans want to respond?

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